Dam construction in Narimanovsky District, Astrakhan Oblast

Canal construction in Nikolaevsky District, Volgograd Oblast

Canal construction in Pallasovsky District, Volgograd Oblast

President of Belarus visiting the Misyatichi Melioration Facility where he was acquainted with the melioration process and talked to the SU-EnergoGrupp personnel working there
At photos: Alexander Lukashenko visiting the Misyatichi Melioration Facility.

The purpose of this project was to irrigate the agricultural fields totaling 62547 hectares in the Khachmassky, Devechinsky and Gusarsky districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The facility will also act as a discharge channel at the time of SAK repair.

The existing melioration canals, constructed back at the USSR epoch, were deserted in the 90s and were not operating for a long time. We had to clean the canals of the vegetation and arrange canal slopes in accordance with the designated levels. City of Borovichi.

Construction of the Takhtakorpyu-Jeiranbatan Canal, Republic of Azerbaijan. The project comprises construction of a 110 km canal.