On February 15 SU-EnergoGrupp JSC signed a social and economic partnership contract with the Administration of the Irkutsk Oblast for 2013-2014. The signatories to the document were Vladimir Pashkov, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the Irkutsk Oblast and Elena Pavlovskaya, General Director of SU-EnergoGrupp JSC. The funding allocated by the oblast will exceed 16 million rubles in 2013, 24 social projects will be funded by SU-EnergoGrupp JSC. The companys main projects will be implemented in three municipal districts, i.e. Ust-Kutsky, Kirensky and Katangsky.

SU-EnergoGrupp JSC will procure vehicles for the Kirenskaya District Hospital , the City of Ust-Kut Administration, Katangsky District Department of Education, will allocate funds to tie the new cultural center in the town of Verkhnemarkovo to location. The indigenous peoples of the Katangsky District will receive 130 cub m of the gas condensate. The hunters use this raw material as motor fuel for their boats and snow mobiles. The companys plans also include allocation of 1.5 mln rubles to the All-Russia Environmental Protection Society. A part of the events stipulated by the agreement with the Government will be implemented with the assistance of the Irkutsk branch of the Russian Childrens Fund.

The cooperation between the Company and the Government develops to an advanced level and does not limit to a regular funding of the social needs of the municipalities, The Oblast Government supports the projects aimed at development of the regional oil sector and gas and chemical production providing regional tax benefits. In response the Company multiplies investments in the oil and gas projects and tax payments to the regional treasury.

At photo: Meeting of SU-EnergoGrupp management and Government of the Irkutsk Oblast